BOSTON (CBS) – Stop & Shop announced that it will be featuring hours specifically for customers 60 or older to allow those most vulnerable to coronavirus to buy groceries in a less crowded environment.

Starting Thursday, stores will be open only for people over the age of 60 from 6-7:30 a.m.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people over 60 are most vulnerable to coronavirus.

“Stop & Shop is making the decision to allow community members in this age category to shop in a less crowded environment, which better enables social distancing,” the company said.

The grocery store chain said it will not require ID to enter the store during these times, but they “request that we all respect the purpose of the early opening” and ask that fellow customers “do the right thing for our older neighbors.”

To allow stores more time to stock shelves, Stop & Shop adjusted its hours of operation to 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

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  1. Martha A Russell says:

    It is dark out at 6:00 AM. The sun rises at 7AM

  2. Martha says:

    So are the elderly in the store while they’re stocking shelves?

  3. Traci A says:

    Seriously, 6:00 am – your kidding. Please tell me that was a typo with age 60. How about 10:00am

  4. Diane Arsenault says:

    Is it Thursday only or every day?

  5. wickedawesomemaine says:

    My 96 year old dad (who REFUSES to stay home) sleeps until 10. He’s 96 and he won’t change his routine for anything.

  6. Robert Pirrotta says:

    will the shelves be full? How about toilet paper, I am running out. Will you limit quantities?

  7. John McMullen says:

    If I have to come at 6 a.m., that’s ok, but, I’d like to be able to enter a fully stocked store. Not like today, when I got there at 7:30 and they didn’t have hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, toilet paper, etc. because of all the hoarders! So, I got back in my car without being able to get anything. Nice ride, though!

  8. LSmith says:

    Nice idea but way tooooooo early…’s pitch black at 6am
    Better to have one or two days for seniors 9:00-10:30 or such

  9. Anne says:

    Going in at 6am is a godsend. Don’t expect the stores to be fully stocked. But they are doing their best. I set my alarm on Sunday to get to Star Market at 6am. No lines. No mayhem. Got some TP even! Since I am under 60, I may now lose out on the opportunity to go in early. Oh well. Good for the elderly. <3

  10. Andrew Grilz says:

    So do caregiver get to come inside, or does gramma have to try and load the giant bottle of laundry detergent and a suitcase of bottled water into the cart herself while we sit in the car?

  11. Thomas White says:

    Your policy for the elderly is a joke! 7am to 9am makes a bit more sense, but 6:00am, please, be real. This is of no help at all

  12. Leo says:

    Thank you for thinking of us seniors. It’s great to be able to shop in a less crowded/hectic environment.

  13. Jim says:

    If you’re over 60 and don’t want to shop at 6 then go in later. The stores are closing at 8:30 to restock shelves which should make a big difference.
    ID’s aren’t being checked so I would think that caregivers could help gramma with her giant bottle of laundry detergent and suitcase of water.
    It’s evident from most of these comments that no good deed goes unpunished.

  14. Walter Dennis says:

    Too bad that there is no supply of the basic necessities. Are you limiting purchases of certain items to prevent hoarding?

  15. Ruth Doran says:

    Stop&shop was zero goods and zero workers

  16. Herbert Thau says:

    We just had our electricity restored in Port Washington NY. Tuesday morning we as senior citizens went early this morning to restock our refrigerator after throwing everything out after days with no power.. The store was out of almost everything we needed to buy. We then went to another local store and got whatever we needed.
    I then tried to call your customer service number to complain. The number was constantly busy.

    This is my response to a store with no overnight restocking of the shelves. Don’t go there ever on Tuesday AM. You will be wasting your time.

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