MANSFIELD (CBS) – Courtney Igne of Mansfield expects to have some extra free time in the coming weeks. She’s a busy mom of three, but these days she’s home – her Boston job trying to protect people from coronavirus.

“Basically on Wednesday they said any staff who are not essential for clinical support can work from home. So, that is me,” Courtney explained.

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Like most people, Courtney admits to feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment.

“I was just sitting here today reading the news and feeling anxious. I thought well if I’m anxious certainly there are other people around here who are also more anxious because they might have cancer or be immunocompromised or they’re elderly,” she said.

Courtney Igne of Mansfield (WBZ-TV)

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So, she offered to help. Courtney posted in the local Facebook group, saying she’s happy to run errands for Mansfield neighbors nervous or unable to leave home.

“People were like 98% positive. They said, ‘Oh that’s great, thank you for offering. What a great idea.’ Other people actually offered too, ‘Oh me too, if I can help let me know.’”

The gesture is a priceless example for others – especially her three young boys. And she’s already heard from some people who live elsewhere – worried about their elderly parents in Mansfield.

“I couldn’t imagine being in that situation where I was scared to go out and get my medicine or groceries. I’d really appreciate if someone did that for me if I were in that situation. It’s nice to be able to do that for someone else if we can,” she said.

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Mansfield neighbors can get in touch with Courtney through the local Facebook group. She encourages people in every community to do what they can to help those around them.