BOSTON (CBS) – Boston traffic is the worst in the country for the second year in a row, according to a new study.

Transportation analytics company INRIX found that drivers in Boston lost 149 hours in 2019 due to traffic congestion. That’s more than six days, making it the worst in the U.S. The good news – the same study last year found Boston drivers lost 164 hours.

Chicago was second in the new study with 145 hours and Philadelphia was third with 142 hours.

Researchers said, on average, Americans lost 99 hours a year due to traffic congestion, costing drivers an average of $1,377 per year.

It’s much worse in Boston where drivers each lost $2,205 in 2019 sitting in traffic when you add in the cost of gas, insurance, and wear and tear on your car.

For the second year in a row, Wichita, Kansas had the lowest traffic congestion in the U.S. with drivers losing less than two hours a year.

Bogota, Columbia was the worst city for traffic in the world with drivers losing 191 hours a year, according to the study. Boston finished ninth in the world rankings.

See the entire list here.

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  1. says:

    BIG dig put plenty of $$ in the bank for the select few

    1. Abbott says:


      No one was ever charged with graft.

      do your homework

  2. Elka says:

    It’s ColOmbia, not Columbia.

  3. Red Box says:

    That’s why you need a cah to pahk itself neea the hahbah.

  4. Blauer Enzian says:

    Not really surprising, since, except for the “Big Dig”, they haven’t built or widened any roads since the sixties.

  5. Melvin Splash says:

    Nashville Tn has the worst traffic in the country…

  6. Jim Cyr says:

    Boston’s a nice place to visit. Wouldn’t want to live there……(Chicago and Philly just plain suck..)


    Maybe “smaht pahk” will improve the traffic????

  8. Tim Redmond says:

    I’d like to see how they figured this. Are they talking metropolitan area, or just city limits. Because the DC metropolitan area is BY FAR the worst. It has the busiest stretch of 95, and it has multiple ‘suburb cities”. It’s a nightmare.

    1. Angela Neill says:

      I don’t know. But I’m through both frequently and while Boston is bad 24/7 all day long, at least DC traffic eases somewhat between the morning and evening commutes and on weekends.

  9. the virus is keeping people home, less traffic, less pollution, win-win

  10. Tom says:

    Boston should spend about $10 Billion on a system to permanently alleviate this problem, like maybe putting highways underground? It’s like de ja vu happening all over again.

    1. Angela Neill says:

      Guess you weren’t around for the Artery project AKA Big Dig. It was chaos for many years.

  11. nothing improved with the big dig. i just moved away from the city, tired of 55 minute 11 mile commutes.

  12. Boston was always congested since the early 50s..

  13. CCW says:

    Interesting, I thought Romney’s Big Dig was supposed to solve Bean Town traffic problems.

  14. thed0nald says:

    The “Feel Good” story of the day.

  15. Robert P Coleman says:

    Yet the open boarders crowd wants more people. Does anyone think they won’t drive, poop, or have trash to desose? We haven’t upgraded roads, bridges, sewer systems, hospitals, and trash management in the last 30 years. Doesn’t matter, bring them on.

  16. Mark Dimperio says:

    it’s only fitting, since they have the most God awful drivers anyway.

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