KINGSTON (CBS) — A youth hockey coach has been suspended after he was caught on video attacking a referee during a game over the weekend.

“My back is sore and I am a little bit shaken,” referee Aldo Binda told WBZ-TV Sunday, a day after the incident at The Bog Ice Arena in Kingston.


In video of the incident, Binda approached the bench to eject the New Hampshire Junior Monarchs head coach who Binda said was using abusive language and continually slamming the door to the bench. The coach allegedly then spit at him, words were exchanged, then the punches started.

“He came back, came toward me, pulled my face mask and just threw about 10 or 12 punches at my face and my head and my body,” Binda said.

Geno Binda is with Referee Crease LLC. He said watching the video is heartbreaking.

Referee Aldo Binda (center) was attacked by a youth hockey coach, March 7, 2020. (Courtesy image)

“I was very disturbed,” he said. “These are 12-year-old kids and you have a coach on the ice swearing, cursing being demonstrative and talking down to an authority figure — what example is that setting for the kids?”

The coach, who has not been named, was eventually escorted off the ice and out of the building. New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association president Matt Roy confirned to WBZ that the coach has been suspended.

Nathan Robitaille and Joshua Cormier were on the opposing hockey team and saw the fight.

“It was confusing and I didn’t feel the fight should have happened,” said Nathan.

“I thought that’s not how you are supposed to play the game like in front of kids,” said Joshua. “He shouldn’t be coaching at all. That’s not an example you should set for kids.”

Binda said he’s been coaching for 20 years and has never encountered anything like that. At 60 years old he’s not going to let this incident define his career and plans to referee again.

“It’s just sad. It’s such a great game and to have be destroyed like this is shameful,” he said.

Binda said he’s not sure if he is going to press charges.

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  1. Remember when says:

    As much as it is a great sport, the fighting has got to stop. It has become normalized like a boxing match on ice. Children watch and learn from the grown-ups actions, no matter what they say. Its a game, get over it, and let the kids play.

  2. Mark Collings says:

    Binda was the referee–not coaching! He better press charges!

  3. Matt says:

    What you don’t see because they edited it out. The ref knocked the Coach to the ice, and then the Coach attacked him.

    1. Scott S says:

      What you don’t see??? really. I wish that coach had been beaten senseless. As soon as you threaten an official, that’s it. He should have to register like a sex offender and be banned from being within 100yards of any athletic facilities or officials in the performance of their duties.

    2. John Masloroff says:

      Coach should have never been on the ice. If he wasnt on the ice he wouldn’t have been knocked down.

  4. Darren says:

    Just saw another video, and Matt’s just misrepresenting what happened.
    1) Coach yells at ref about call, going out on ice.
    2) Coach spits on ref (assault)
    3) Ref pushes coach away (not down, as Matt says)
    4) Man starts whaling on ref, knocking him down
    5) Trainer and another coach have to pull coach off of ref.
    Time to go to jail, dude.

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