GLOUCESTER (CBS) — Gloucester Police arrested a Worthington man after they said he threatened and approached an officer with a machete. Troy Hackney, 40, faces multiple charges including assault with a dangerous weapon.

Around 10 p.m. Thursday, police noticed two cars parked illegally in the Lanes Cove area. While asking one of the drivers for their registration, Hackney “exited one of the vehicles holding a machete and began to approach the officer while making verbal threats,” police said.

Hackney allegedly ignored all commands to stop. An officer subdued Hackney with pepper spray.

“This incident is an example of remarkable restraint and de-escalation by an officer when confronted by an individual who posed a very serious threat to his safety,” Chief Conley said in a written statement. “This officer’s confident, mindful approach protected both he and the suspect from potentially suffering serious harm.”

Hackney was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, threats to commit a crime, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. He was arraigned in Gloucester District Court, held on $2,000 bail and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.


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