BOSTON (CBS) – President Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday, reacting to news that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is dropping out of the Democratic field.

President Trump said Warren, who he tweeted was “going nowhere,” dropped out three days too late.

President Trump and Warren have regularly traded verbal barbs throughout his presidency.

After Super Tuesday results began to roll in, President Trump said Warren was the “loser of the night” after she finished third in her own state.

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  1. Wise beyond Years says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Jon Keller would have the foresight to inform the MASSACHUSETTS VOTER, that if the entire country can see how flawed and unstable Warren is, that it should be reflected in their vote to NOT vote for her as our Senator. If she is woefully unfit for the country, she is definitely unfit for Massachusetts.

  2. Sidney Sjael says:

    Bullpucky. She is the most intelligent, enthusiastic, creative, organized people in the public sphere and Massachusetts is VERY lucky to have her as their representative. America would have been well served by her presidency. Someday, the American voter will wise up and elect a woman as president. Regrettably, discrimination against all but white testosterone seems to continue to run rampant in this country. 😡

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