BOSTON (CBS) – Biogen says three of its employees have tested positive for coronavirus after they attended a conference in Boston last week.

“Some attendees have been confirmed with influenza and three attendees have tested positive for COVID-19 to date,” Biogen said in a statement. “At the present time, these individuals are doing well, improving and under the care of their healthcare providers.”

Two of the employees who tested positive are from the EU and the third lives outside of Massachusetts.

As an extra precaution, Biogen has directed any employee who attended the meeting to work from home for two weeks.

  1. Bill Comeaux says:

    The spread of the coronavirus at the Biogen conference leads one to an awful question: Can we trust that the virus is being contained within the facilities that are researching it? Now I am wondering what Seattle-area infectious disease research facilities, such as CIDR and ERIC, might have handled coronavirus; if so, did one of them have a role in its transmission in King County, Washington or send representatives to the Biogen Conference? These questions are worthy of investigation.

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