By Juli McDonald

MILTON (CBS) – Dozens of frustrated parents were at Milton High School with one question Wednesday night — what’s happening to their $3500, after the student trip to Portugal in April was canceled because of coronavirus.

“Friday we got a note from EF Tours saying we know about the virus, everything is good. Over the weekend most of us got the last payment taken. Monday we got the notice they’re canceling,” the father of one senior explained.

EF Educational Tours will refund half the amount, or offer a full voucher that can be used on a trip through 2021. The principal hopes they’ll extend that offer.

“Let’s face it when you plan a trip like this, you plan a year ahead. Who’s making a trip now for next year when you don’t know the outcome of this whole situation?” said Milton High Principal James Jette.

Those parents who opted for the expensive insurance, found it doesn’t apply anyway.

“They’re all really bummed out but they get it. It’s beyond the principal’s control, beyond EF Tour’s control. It’s a crummy situation and they’re doing their best to minimize the damage from it,” a parent said.

On a similar note, Senators Markey and Warren sent a letter to the Department of Transportation, urging the agency to make airlines suspend their cancellation fees. The lawmakers stressed that travelers shouldn’t be punished for trying to protect themselves.

Juli McDonald


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