BOSTON (CBS) – The new Orange Line trains have been taken out of service again.

The MBTA said Tuesday that two new six-car trains have been temporarily removed, but there’s no impact to overall service.

“Inspectors identified a fault with the bolsters which is being corrected to ensure the vehicles are reliable & safe for the duration of their service lives. We expect to return them to service later this week,” the T said in a tweet.

A bolster is a steel center beam between the side frames of the bottom truck of each car, an MBTA spokesperson told WBZ-TV. It allows the truck of the car to rotate as it navigates turns in the track.

This is the third time the new train cars have been pulled out of service. Last September there were issues with the doors and then in December there were unusual noise issues.

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  1. Perry Jameson says:

    “Bolsters?” Is the T really saying that it can’t get seat cushions right?

    1. Linda says:

      Read the next to the last paragraph for an explanation of bolster in this context. FWIW the seats have no cushions.

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