By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The baseball world is patiently awaiting MLB to wrap up their investigation into the Boston Red Sox and let the world know if the 2018 champs used electronics to steal signs. That wait is going to continue.

At least for a few more days, according to Jon Heyman. A ruling from commissioner Rob Manfred was expected to come this week, but that is no longer expected to be the case. That ruling is now expected to come “early next month,” which is really only a few extra days from the end of this week.

At least, that’s the hope. Manfred said back on February 16 that he expected the investigation to be done at the end of that week. That deadline came and went with no ruling, and now it appears this week will come and go with no ruling.

Maybe Manfred is waiting for Feb. 30 to release his findings?

The waiting game has been a frustrating one for the Red Sox, though players have maintained their innocence throughout the process. Reports say that MLB hasn’t been able to find much dirt on the Sox, and their punishment is expected to be lighter than what Manfred hit the Houston Astros with for their 2017 sign-stealing scandal. The fallout from the Houston findings cost Alex Cora his job in Boston, and at the moment, Ron Roenicke is considered the team’s “interim” manager until the investigation into the 2018 Sox concludes.

When that will actually happen continues to be anyone’s guess.


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