BOSTON (CBS) – Logan Airport is one of the first airports to use credential authentication technology, and the hope is it will accelerate security screenings by automatically verifying a passenger’s identity.

The Transportation Security Administration said the “CAT machine” can determine if photo identification is real and if a passenger’s identification matches the information listed for a scheduled flight.

New “CAT machines” at Logan Airport could speed up security lines. (WBZ-TV)

The machine can also confirm a passenger’s details in real-time, which will make it unnecessary for travelers to show boarding passes when they go through security. That should speed up the security process for passengers and workers.

“Typically, it takes about eight to 12 seconds from the time you insert the document until the time it gives the TSA agent the information that he or she needs,” said Lisa Farbstein, of the TSA.

The machines cost about $27,000 each, and Logan is using about 25 right now.

However, the TSA is reminding passengers that they will need their boarding passes to actually get on a plane.


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