By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — In the ever-fascinating saga of where Tom Brady might call home next NFL season, the presence of the Miami Dolphins has always been an alluring option. Sure, the team wasn’t all that good last year,or the year before that, or the year before that. But, with a budding health and lifestyle business and an internationally famous supermodel wife, the idea of Brady relocating to South Beach seemed to make some sense.

That is, it made some sense to people who are not affiliated with the Miami Dolphins.

During Super Bowl week, team owner Stephen Ross said he couldn’t imagine why Brady would want to join a Dolphins team in semi-rebuilding mode. And Tuesday at the NFL Combine, Dolphins head coach Brian Flores shared the same message.

“I agree with [Ross] as far as, ‘Why would he want to come to Miami?’ I do,” Flores answered when asked about the possibility of Brady signing with the Dolphins in free agency. “I’ll leave it at that.”

Flores then steered the conversation to Ryan Fitzpatrick, the veteran QB who threw 20 touchdowns and 13 picks in leading the Dolphins to a 5-8 record in games he started last season.

Elsewhere, Tennessee GM Jon Robinson had no answer when asked about the potential for the Titans to sign Brady.

And over in Vegas Land, Raiders GM Mike Mayock left the door open for a possible pursuit of Tom Brady. He covered all bases, though, by also saying Derek Carr played at a high level last year.

“I’m very happy with Derek Carr, but I’ve told everybody I’ve been in touch with since the day I took this job is we’re going to evaluate every position every year,” Mayock told reporters. “And if we can get better, we will.”

That answer is to be expected, considering the Titans make a whole lot of football sense for Brady.

Of course, Ross’ and Flores’ answers could be taken at face value. More skeptical and/or creative minds might see it as an effort to avoid any and all possibilities of getting tangled up in a case of tampering, covering for a secret behind-the-scenes pursuit to bring Brady to Miami. As has been the case throughout the entirety of the Brady Soap Opera Offseason, one never can quite know what anything really means. (But this probably means Brady won’t be signing with the Dolphins, if we’re being honest with one another.)


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