By Katie Brace

AVON (CBS) – Dishware, bottles and even TVs are smashed in the name of stress and for fun at a new business, “Just Smash It.”

It starts by writing whatever is stressing you out on a plate, which is the first thing you break. With driver’s education and the learner’s permit test looming, a brother and sister used baseball bats, a golf club and their hands.

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Their mother had no idea they had so much aggression. “I did not. Not until I saw this,” said Denver Audyatis as she laughed.

Teen throws plates inside “Just Smash It” in Avon (WBZ-TV)

You can bring your own items to smash, but everything is provided, the favorite is the lamp.

“It’s been amazing,” said co-owner Lisa Boucher.

Three weeks ago, Boucher and her daughters opened the business on East Main Street in Avon. They first saw the idea on the internet and years later made it happen.

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“We’ve been thinking about it, at first we were thinking a coffee shop, but this is more interesting so here we are,” said Boucher.

A teen uses a golf club to hit a TV inside “Just Smash It” in Avon (WBZ-TV)

Interesting is why Abby thought they should bring her brother for his birthday. Their parents had as much fun watching as the kids did getting out their frustrations.

“They’re having a good time. They’re enjoying their smashing,” said Audyatis.

After destroying everything in the room and working up a sweat, they agreed the night was a smashing success.

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For $35, participants receive a bin of breakables and a TV to break.