MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – Several schools were closed in Manchester, N.H. on Wednesday after a water main break that left residents without water, and some without heat.

It happened in the area of Mammoth Road. The Water Department estimated 200 homes were impacted.

Class was canceled at Manchester School of Technology, Southside Middle School, Jewett Street Elementary, Southside Middle School, Memorial High School and Hallsville Elementary due to the water issues.

The pipe was repaired late Wednesday night.

“Manchester Police have shut down multiple roads in response to a water main break on Mammoth Road at Johnson St. Water and various types of debris washed down Johnson St and surrounding areas causing a big mess,” Manchester Police posted. “Work crews are on scene and making repairs, but this could go well into the night.”

Crews work to fix a Manchester water main break. (WBZ-TV)

Resident Mike Andrus was frustrated by the inconvenience.

“We don’t have any water. We have no heat. We had to go to the store to get bottles of water,” said Andrus. “Had gushes of water running down Mammoth Road, down the street got flooded out. Some homes had water in the basement.”

It took crews longer than usual to fix the 20-inch pipe because they had to dig around telephone and power lines. The break may have been caused by a change in weather and pressure of a rock against the relatively newer pipe.

“This is an unfortunate event. It’s nothing we could have anticipated. However, the city is working tirelessly to stop the water. Water Works, DPW, fire and police are here and are working as hard as they can to rectify the situation,” said Mayor Joyce Craig.


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