PLYMOUTH (CBS) — Vandals hit Plymouth Rock and other landmarks in town overnight. The vandalism comes as Plymouth prepares to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims arriving on the Mayflower.

Crews had the famous rock cleaned up late Monday morning. Photos shared on social media showed red spray paint covering the rock and the “1620” inscription.

Plymouth Rock was vandalized over the holiday weekend (Photo credit: Betty Cavacco)

Vandals also targeted a seashell-shaped sign celebrating the upcoming 400th anniversary, the Pilgrim Maiden statue and the National Monument To The Forefathers.

Plymouth town manager Melissa Arrighi tweeted “We are saddened and sickened by the recent vandalism in our historic town.” She added that police are investigating.

The opening ceremony for the Plymouth 400 celebration is scheduled for late April.

Tourism organization See Plymouth issued a statement on the vandalism.

“Seeing this type of disrespect for the historic reminders of the Mayflower story is both sad and unsettling,” Executive Director Lea Filson said. “The outpouring of concern and anger over the incident has been a positive ending to a thoughtless gesture.”

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  1. john galy says:

    i bet this was done by the so tolerant liberals that hate this country and its history.

    1. And I bet it’s easy for you to make an assumption based on nothing. Typical comment.

    2. jeyges says:

      Nah. We just hate Trump supporters.

      1. Michael Napolitano says:

        You said it hate typical Democrats response.

  2. M A R 100 says:

    Vandalizing property is not going to change history or make it disappear! More stupid from our public school educated citizens.

  3. Peter York says:

    those darn Republicans again.

    1. Samantha says:

      Nah, it was the Amish. lol

  4. IceMan says:

    Interesting that a quick search of 508 Mof shows a project worked on by a college on east coast. Make you wonder if its suppost to be a social experiment gone wrong. Or im just paranoid.

  5. doug ortiz says:

    When/If caught the punishment should not fit the crime; the punishment should far exceed the crime.

  6. Benjamine Dover says:

    I hear that the Democrats have rock solid evidence that this was done by Trump. Impeachment hearings to start next week.

  7. Singapore caning for culprits

    1. Jeff Becker says:

      I prefer stocks and pillories.

  8. jfm5959 says:

    So the Frankfort School continues to work its magic through Cultural Marxism. And most modern day leftist exponents don’t even know what I’m talking about.

  9. Ken Jorgensen says:

    No doubt this was done by some leftist or antifa type(s). They’re so tolerant, you know. No, they are filled with hate for this country, our President and his supporters, it is all they can do to contain themselves. In this case, they lost control and historic landmarks and the town suffer.

    1. Oh please, this is school vacation week. I suspect bored, low life teen thugs did this to get attention. Hopefully, the police will give them even more attention.

      1. Michael Napolitano says:

        They came for the Trump supporters but I was not one of them so I did nothing.

  10. Rick W says:

    So the liberal media foment anti pilgrim feelings 24/7 then can’t seem to understand why these monuments get vandalized……smh.

    1. Smokewalker says:

      Why not? This has been happening all over the South and it’s not only been consequence-free, it’s been encouraged by the local governments. It’s time the North had it’s chickens come home to roost. Enjoy.

  11. Chris M says:

    What does “508cnior” even mean? Is it some sort of gang message? I live in Northern California and we get so much MS-13 gang (or other Salvadorian gangs’) graffiti all around here.

  12. J R says:

    APB: Looking for a white male liberal, average height, super light muscular build. Possibly still wearing pajamas. All parents with unemployed sons living in their basement should be questioned.

  13. Jeff Becker says:

    They’d better hope I don’t catch them. I have ancestors from two different branches of my family tree which came over on the Mayflower.

  14. Vaughn Trapp says:

    the amerikan communist left (Democrats) is out of control

  15. jack says:

    Boston was once the home of heroes. Now it is a den of garbage basement dwellers.

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