BOSTON (CBS) — Three women will face multiple charges in connection with incidents in and near a convenience store on Boston Common early Sunday morning. Witnesses told Boston police the women attacked multiple people.

Jenna Gonzalez, 21, of East Boston; Audrina May Hebert, 18, of Malden; and Brianna Romero, 21, of Malden; have been charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, unarmed robbery and disorderly conduct.

Police said they received multiple calls about assaults near a convenience store on Tremont Street around 1 a.m. When officers arrived, they said they saw three women, later identified as Gonzales, Hebert and Romero, punching and kicking a man on the ground. Upon seeing the officers, the group stopped their assault on the victim.

Officers spoke to the suspects, who said the victim had approached them aggressively, asking for his cell phone. The suspects said they did not have his phone and consequently attacked him.

The victim told police he had asked one of the women for a cigarette when they suddenly began attacking him. The victim said that while the suspects punched and kicked him, one of them grabbed his cellphone. One of the women did have the victim’s cellphone, police said.

Officers said that while they were speaking to the suspects and the victim, the convenience store clerks came out to talk to them. They told police that the suspects had been fighting and harassing passersby near the convenience store. The clerks said the women had been loitering in the store for a while before they were asked to leave.

The women returned to the store multiple times, the clerks told police, throwing merchandise and assaulting them. The clerks said the suspects left the store to attack another woman.

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  1. Just Say'n says:

    Vermin need to spend some time in jail.

  2. Remember when says:

    The clerks should have called the police as soon this started, in the store. They could have done a lot worse. Let the trained officers handle them.

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