LAWRENCE (CBS) – A Lawrence Police sergeant stopped a robbery in progress early Saturday morning. The suspect, who is in custody, tried to rob someone in a wheelchair, police said.

“I’m in a wheelchair in front of a store, he bumps into me on purpose, wants to shake my hand and say sorry, but that was just a cue to reach for my phone,” said the victim, who asked not to be identified.

Police at the scene of an attempted robbery in Lawrence. (WBZ-TV)

The alleged attempted robbery happened near Broadway and Haverhill streets.

“He pulled out a gun, but little did he know, there was a cop at the light seeing the whole thing,” the victim said.

Police said the suspect waved a gun at the sergeant, who told the suspect to put the gun down several times. The sergeant then fired his own gun.

“I just heard a boom and one of my clients said, ‘Oh, somebody was shot!'” said bystander Trinidad Martinez.

The suspect was not injured but was taken into custody. Arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday.


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