BOSTON (CBS) — An unusual lobster caught by local fishermen is on display at the New England Aquarium. Experts say the odds of finding a blue lobster like this are one in 2 million.

The Aquarium said Thursday it received the rare crustacean from Patriot Lobster, which has locations in Salem and Marblehead.

The rare blue lobster (Photo credit: New England Aquarium)

The blue lobster has undergone a 30-day quarantine to make sure it is healthy and is now part of the Aquarium’s Isle of Shoals exhibit.

There are a number of colorful lobsters at the Aquarium, including yellow, orange and black lobsters that are even rarer.

According to the Aquarium, shell disease can change the color of a lobster. It’s believed that the disease is caused by bacteria that’s becoming more plentiful in the Gulf of Maine waters as ocean temperatures rise.