BOSTON (CBS) — A new dating app is looking to take physical appearance out of the equation. The idea behind S’More is that when you are not basing your attraction to someone on appearance, you’re able to make deeper connections.

App founder Adam Cohen-Aslatei said S’More is “100 percent different from anything you’ve ever seen before.”

The app recommends five profiles for you a day. A few personality traits and a voice recording are available. Through conversation, more about the person is unlocked.

“Our app is about getting to know someone before deciding if you like them and even before you see them. You have to interact with a person on the app and then their photos unblur and their private and visual content begins to unblock,” said Cohen-Aslatei.

Other visual content includes videos of yourself and social media connections.

According to Cohen-Aslatei, “the biggest pain point of dating is people don’t talk. How could you ever be in a relationship with someone without conversations, so we’re trying to start up the conversation.”

Cohen-Aslatei, who has worked for different dating app companies for over a decade, launched S’More in Boston a few weeks ago.

He was inspired by a conversation with a woman who said she left she had to alter her physical appearance to get noticed on other dating apps.

“I had this soul-searching moment where I said to myself. Did I just spend 12 years of my life in an industry that was not actually matching people for compatibility and for relationships? I went to my hotel room, within two days, I had created the entire concept for S’More.”

Cohen-Aslatei also said his app is safer than most. Everyone on the app must be verified, you can’t send photos in the chat section, and everyone’s behavior is publicly rated.

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  1. ron lewis says:

    finally, a dating app for fat, ugly people!

    1. nibblersdfg says:

      Even a blurred pixel can’t hide fat and ugly.

      1. Knight Raven says:

        Correct. Need at least 100 pixels.

  2. PJD says:

    This is doomed to utter failure. No matter what left wing egg heads try to tell you, we are visceral and primal animals and we all have a brain stem and a limbic system. No amount of dufus woke-sterism is ever going to change that.

    1. Dan Roth says:

      Totally agree. No amount of wokeness will get around it.

  3. Susan Smith says:

    Stupid. Without physical chemistry, relationships will fail (at least, romantic ones). This sounds like a good Friendzone App and that’s all.

  4. Chris says:

    Would you do the same if buying a new car? This is much more important. If anything, DNA matching is coming on very strong and Asians are swearing by it.

  5. JB says:

    Sounds exactly like eHarmony from over a decade ago Nothing “new” about this concept.

  6. AJ Monte says:

    Obviously, the brainiacs who developed this app haven’t even taken the time to survey the market. From the looks of the comments below, this is doomed to fail. It would’ve been fun to watch this be pitched on Shark Tank. Kevin O’Leary would have slammed this idea in 3 seconds.

  7. chuck says:

    The friend zone 😂

  8. Chris says:

    Perhaps it will work for politicians since politics is just showbiz for the ugly. Look at Bernie, Warren etc. This is doomed to failure on any larger scale than just a few people.

  9. Doper says:

    I’ve been married for over 20 years so I have never done the internet dating thing. However I can see the potential for this working as a true relationship thing. This will never work as a hookup “dating” app. Yes, I agree there has to be some form of physical attraction for all relationships to succeed. A harsh reality about relationships is also that everyone settles for less than perfect. Maybe you’re the more attractive one in the relationship and maybe you’re not. If you’re the ugly one, please remember they’re settling too. Better yet maybe you don’t ever realize you’re the ugly one in the relationship. Personalities are very important in relationships too. They can be attractive or drop dead gorgeous, however if the two brain cells in their head don’t get along and are constantly fighting that isn’t going to work either.

    1. jajofl says:

      I’d certainly like to see what you look like… sure you’re not the ugly one

      1. Doper says:

        Who ever said I wasn’t the ugly one?

  10. Michael Hirsh says:

    Got a news flash for you: Smokin’ hot supermodels and chiselled hunks don’t want their pictures obscured. As for me, I’d like to form a deeper connection . . . as long as it’s with a smokin hot supermodel

  11. nibblersdfg says:

    With photos blurred, most women are now making dates with themselves.

  12. thisis myname says:

    This is going to fail. It’s hard enough for us fatties to accept no one wants to take the first step with us, imagine how we’ll feel after we form a bond with someone and then they turn tail and run once they see us! Great idea. Unfortunately you can’t “fix” human nature.

  13. Jason says:

    Oh how nice! You converse with someone and find out all you have in common and then if you find out they are not up to your looks standards then that is the end of it.

  14. David Lachnicht says:


    1. David Lachnicht says:

      But I’m rooting for ya!

  15. Jim Whitehead says:

    Is this a repeat of the eHarmony program of 20 years ago? Back then, I was legally separted and said so. Their program said that as I admitted I was legally separated and awaiting the final divorce, it considered me immoral to date (no kidding) and so I was rejected It would be happy if I just had lied. I hope the new guys don’t make the same mistake, of punishing the honest and rewarding the scoundrels who lie about everything.

  16. Me says:

    Of course this App will be DOA. The builders said that they want people to talk. Well the first question people will ask each other is “What do you look like?”

  17. This isn’t for everyone, clearly… I am all about it, because it is NEEDED…. not many people understand the depth of what this whole process will entail… I’ve just launched an intensive in nyc that is built around deeper connection. I’ve actually spoken about the importance of finding these deeper connections across country at various conventions.

    The ONLY issue here is chemistry… it’s REALLY tough gauging that online…as well as a few other issues…. thank you for the article.

  18. Patrick Stewart says:

    Shutup, men and women are equally shallow! This is a waste of time!

  19. Lowen says:

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I am attracted to certain facial features that reveal the personality. No way can you take that away and make a meaningful match in all cases. Maybe some, but definitely not in my case. I’ve reviewed more than 50,000 profiles in my search and have identified 500 potential matches, most from physical features first and then reading their bios.

  20. Billy Jefferson says:

    I’m no great prize, but if you look like Rosa DeLauro or Nanzi Pelosi, that’s going to be a problem.

  21. Tony Basselgia says:

    Don’t care what any expert may say. If you do not like the way a person looks, than it doesn’t matter how deep a connection you may have with the person.

  22. James says:

    So, basically, the photo will “unlock” when conversation starts and people start connecting, right? I assume this is through messages in the app? Tell me, app developers, how will this work when someone says “send me your pic. Here’s my burner phone number”. Dead. No pic, conversation is over. Good pic, we can continue. You cannot get around humans and their natural instincts. No way. This app is going to be for the “less than attractive” crowd. That group will stop using it, or won’t use it, to begin with. Sad to say, but it’s how it works. People need to learn to step out of their apartment or house, and go meet people. We as a group have forgotten how to do that.

  23. marty lopez says:

    Oh yeah, that should work, (NOT)!

  24. Ed Scott says:

    Nice idea, but it won’t work. Physical attraction is part of the equation. We may want to think we are “above that”, but we aren’t. If their goal is to spare people the cruelty of being “passed over” based on a picture like we casually pass over a bruised apple in the store, this will just make it worse because now the rejection will come after developing a rapport; “oh, I was nice talking to you. I wasn’t expecting a “looker” from a blind dating site, but ouch, the ugly stick clearly found you…but we can still be friends”. Sure, no one will say that, but that will be the subtext of rejection.
    A better idea for an app? “5’s and Below” – “A dating app for the ascetically challenged. A place for people who are tired of being passed over on other apps”.

  25. Knight Raven says:

    The way this *might* (*MIGHT*) work is if you get to see pics in parallel, you rate them based on what you see and you rate the profile separate and apart. And then… I don’t know happens. But what do you expect from some rando on the internet.

  26. Steve Nichols says:

    Great site for prudes and the Asexual. Boring

  27. Moon King says:

    All dating apps are a waste of time and money!

  28. steve pool says:

    I can hear it now…I am not saying she was ugly but her proctologist sticks his finger in her mouth

  29. SandMan says:

    Appearances are not the most important factor to consider but I always start with it, mainly because it is the easiest one to get right. You know at first sight whether they meet your requirement for that factor. Unfortunately, finding out whether someone is a kind, sane, intelligent and caring person is a longer process, and one where mistakes in assessment are frequently made. Why even go down that path, with all the inherent uncertainties with someone who is not physically appealing to you. There are plenty of kind, caring, sane and intelligent people who are also decent looking or better, so why settle for less, unless you are crazy, mean, stupid and ugly?

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