BOSTON (CBS) — WBZ-TV’s Policial Analyst Jon Keller said former Vice President Joe Biden’s early exit in New Hampshire is like waving a surrender flag in the state’s primary on Tuesday. The move could end up benefitting Amy Klobuchar, who “was far and away the most popular second choice of Biden voters.”

A WBZ/Boston Globe/Suffolk University tracking poll showed Klobuchar was picking up momentum in the days leading up to the primary.

Keller explained, “[People who] hadn’t voted yet by the time the former Vice President made this announcement, they’re saying well do I really want to sort of throw away my vote or who else do I like? If she gets an extra bounce tonight, that may be the reason why.”

The poll also showed Sen. Elizabeth Warren struggling to keep up with front-runners. If she comes in fourth or fifth in N.H., “that’s a terrible outcome for the Warren campaign,” Keller said.

“The Warren campaign has been a tale of two campaigns, early on, you may remember she was kind of written off for dead, the whole Native American thing, the DNA test, and she came back strong on the basis of this series of detailed articulate plans…The downside is for a campaign so focused on specifics and plans, she was really embarrassed by being caught short with a plan for how to pay for Medicare for all.”

He added, “For a candidate who’s brand is fighting passionately and fiercely, she’s declined to on her key adversaries, most notably Bernie Sanders in any kind of direct way other than that open mic episode at the end of the debate.


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