By Beth Germano

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Former Vice President Joe Biden rallied supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire on the eve of the Granite State’s primary returning to his central theme that he’s got the experience and electability to beat President Donald Trump. “I tell you I’ll be damned if I’ll stand and lose this country to Donald Trump for four more years,” he said.

Supporters say he spoke with the kind of fire they believe has been missing in his campaigning, especially since a poor showing in Iowa which he called a “gut punch”.

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“He was fired up, and one of my concerns is that he has not been as fired up as I think a candidate should be,” said Biden supporter Chad Koeph.

Biden took note that President Trump was campaigning just miles away suggesting that Trump is looking over the Vice President’s shoulder as the candidate to watch. “Sometimes it feels like he’s following me around,” Biden said. “I’ve been the object of his affection for so long.”

Earlier at a campaign event in Gilford, New Hampshire Biden criticized Trump for taking credit for a strong economy saying he can thank the Obama-Biden Administration. After a weekend in which he unleashed an attack ad on democratic rival Pete Buttigieg criticizing his lack of experience, it was notable that Biden never mentioned his democratic rivals Monday.

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“I just talked to the folks down in South Carolina and they’re pretty excited,” Biden told supporters at his field office in Salem.

Some supporters say they admit the New Hampshire polls are making them nervous about his showing in the Granite State and they are already looking ahead to other states where they believe the electorate is more diverse.

“He’s got South Carolina and Las Vegas and they’re locked up for him,” said supporter Maureen Thibault. “Delaware is locked up, Connecticut is solid. I’m not worried. I’m looking ahead.”

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“I’m worried but I think Super Tuesday will sort it all out for him,” said supporter Richard Adams.

Beth Germano