By Bill Shields

BRAINTREE (CBS) – Potentially dangerous chemicals have been found in the drinking water in Braintree, Holbrook and Randolph. The Braintree Water Department found the chemical PFAS, a man-made compound of carbon and fluorine.

“The bottom line is PFAS is not good for us no matter what because it doesn’t dissolve, it doesn’t go away, so we need to be cautious of that,” said Braintree Town Councilor Stephen O’Brien.

PFAS has many uses including cookware, pizza boxes, stain repellents and firefighting foam.

In the water supply for the three South Shore towns, there is almost 24 parts per trillion. The federal advisory level is 70 PPT.

The town has now installed carbon filters at the water plant.

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“Our last test shows that we were down to 21 PPT,” said Braintree Mayor Charles Kokoros. “So we’re committed to making that under 20 parts per trillion that the DEP is asking for, even though the EPA has regulations that are 70 parts per trillion.”

On Wednesday night at Morrison Elementary School in Braintree, the town will have an informational meeting for anyone who is concerned.

A new water treatment is expected to be built in two or three years.

Bill Shields


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