BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady has been a main storyline of Super Bowl week, even without the Patriots in Miami. The latest information comes from a Sunday report that indicates the Patriots are willing to open their wallet for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Ian Rapoport reports that the Patriots are willing to pay Brady in excess of $30 million to keep him in New England.

“My understanding that going back to New England is a legitimate and real option, obviously, and they are willing to make it worth his while. I’m told they are willing to pay him in excess of $30 million if that’s what it’s going to take to bring Brady back,” Rapoport said during the NFL Network’s pregame coverage.

Rapoport added, however, that it isn’t a guarantee that money is all it would take to bring Brady back.

“We’ll see if that’s enough. From what I understand, he wants a commitment from them that they will spend specifically on weapons,” he said.

NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo added during the segment that the Los Angeles Chargers have emerged as a “legitimate option” for Brady’s services, as have the Titans.

The Patriots are likely to trade for a veteran quarterback if Brady does leave, Garafolo said.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter added a report later in the day saying that the Las Vegas Raiders will pursue Brady if he doesn’t resign with the Patriots.

UPDATE: Making sense of all the Tom Brady news from Super Bowl Sunday.

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  1. Dave A says:

    NE has no intention of keeping him on the roster… This is merely the vocal bluff plan to get BIG BUCKS paid to an old, creaky QB who should have long retired.

    1. Walter says:

      How long ago should Brady, according to you, have retired? Though the Patriots were not in yesterday’s Super Bowl, they were in the Super Bowl a year ago, and the year before that, and the year before that. So the Patriots, with Brady as QB, were in three of the last four Super Bowls and won two of the three in which they appeared.

    2. PJ Neslo says:

      I wonder if you look as stupid as you sound.. Brady is still a top tier QB but he needs help. You calling him a Creaky old QB is ridiculous and insulting. Learn something about the game like reading a book, then maybe you’ll be less condescending

    3. Ironbob says:

      Right, the guy who won the Super Bowl last year is past his prime! LOL!

  2. sandy says:

    Careful, Tom. If you overplay the “hard to get” game, the Patriots will simply shrug and look for another Quarterback to woo.

  3. Yirmin says:

    I don’t think Brady is an idiot. Why would he go to LA where he would get slammed with a 14% tax rate from the state of California on everything he makes, salary and endorsements when he could go to Tennessee where they have no income tax. Frankly going to Tennessee for the less than the Patriots are willing to pay would still give him more money because Massachusetts is hitting him with a 5% tax bill…Given his endorsements are estimated to be around 28 million if he stays in Massachusetts he’s going to be hit with about 2 million in taxes on his salary and endorsements… and that is ignoring how much of a tax bill his wife would suffer in California.

    1. Your point makes economic and good football sense. However, you really think his supermodel wife will ever settle for Nashville, TN?

      1. Ironbob says:

        You sure sound elitist. I don’t think she cares one way another where she lives because no matter where she goes, she lives in the lap of luxury.

      2. IronBob, I realize the tone of my comment and I apologize. There is not a single thing wrong with Nashville, TN. But if you’re her, and if you’ have business in NY, LA, SF, are you going to uproot your family for just one, maybe two years knowing it’s temporary? You have to think about life after football here, and you know she’s in his ear by now.

  4. Floyd Martin says:

    They need to go after Burrow!

  5. Archie says:

    Brady wants a receiver corps that can catch the dang ball and get open. Then he wants an O-line that doesn’t reek. He doesn’t care about money. Oh, and that ‘awesome’ defense I kept hearing about all season that folded like a cheap suit at the end of the season. Upgrade.

  6. LMAO… Brady Haters are blind when it comes to NFL QB position. We saw tonight how Jimmy G. falls way short of the GOAT Brady. As for Mahomes, he has an arsenal of talent around him on Offense. Brady probably wishes he was the one traded to The 49ers, tonight he would have another SB ring lol…

  7. G. CHASE says:

    It would be a shame if this is true. The money would be better spent on young players including a QB. You don’t build a team around a 43 year old player and with a salary cap you sacrifice the many players needed to fill and upgrade the current holes. Please let Brady move on it is way beyond time.

  8. Vic Warzinski says:

    It’s not about the money. Brady and his wife already have more than they can spend in 10 lifetimes. Rather, it’s about surrounding him with the talent everyone needs to succeed. That’s why Brady has usually given the team a hometown discount on his own salary — on the understanding that they would invest in other players who can run, block and catch for him. But for any number of reasons, such tools were noticeably lacking last season. Am not necessarily accusing Kraft and company of suddenly becoming spendthrifts, just thinking the coach/GM could do a better job of acquiring talent and building depth.

  9. bevo francis says:

    ……….Something to ponder:

    The United States has become a place where entertainers and
    professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance…

    I’ve needed a Doctor..
    I’ve needed a Teacher..
    I need farmers every day..

    I have needed an auto mechanic, a plumber, a house painter
    and a lot of other everyday people.

    But I have NEVER, not even once, NEEDED a pro athlete, a media
    personality, or a Hollywood entertainer for ANYTHING!

    1. John Blow says:

      Very well said. The masses want their bread and circuses. Keep ’em fed and entertained – which means keep ’em fat, stupid, and perpetually distracted from things that truly affect them.

      1. bevo francis says:

        You are correct!

  10. Justin Case says:

    He is going to stay, where else can he get away with cheating? It’s part of the Patriot’s legacy at this point, as is he.

  11. Joe Lucido says:

    I don’t think Kraft is going to let Brady go to another team, after all, all those Super Bowl rings are due to Brady’s ability to play better than anyone else who has ever played the game at quarterback. That alone means something to a guy like Kraft, who has more than enough money to spend in 5 lifetimes. To keep Brady in the Patriot family from start to finish of his career means that he was willing to loyal to the man who gave him all those Super Bowl wins. I Can’t even imagine what Brady would look like in another jersey.

  12. Jojo45 says:

    None of this makes any sense. The guy has been making $10-$20 million a year and has been dramatically underpaid because he doesn’t care about the money and knows the team will be better if they spend less on him. Do people realize that him making $30 million a year makes it much harder for them to have the money to “spend on weapons”?

  13. Jeff S says:

    I don’t think the Patriots will take that big of a salary cap hit, even for an aging Tom Brady.

  14. mOOn says:

    Tom, take the money and be very happy. Set a few career records the next 2 or three years and be inducted into the ‘Hall of fame”.

  15. Robert Hunter says:

    None of these people know what Robert Kraft is thinking. All of their comments are ” i understand” or some other second, third or fourth hand overheard conversation from some locker room maintenance worker. It just makes you laugh that these “experts” try to make you believe they know what they are talking about. Only Robert Kraft knows. I have heard that they are concerned that even with his healthy lifestyle his aged bones are fragile and they don’t want to take the chance since any amount will be guaranteed.

  16. Thinker Prime says:

    Brady is not about the money. Brady is about the winning. He was good enough this year to win another SB but he did not have close to the team around him that the KC or SF QB have. He has sacrificed salary for years so the Pats could spend to put talent around him but he wasts talent now, He wants more SB – that dedication to winning over seeking his personal benefit is part of why he is great

  17. Steve Williams says:

    Paying him $30 million might make it tough to get those weapons he wants. Or didn’t he think of that?

  18. buzz phillips says:

    Tom Brady built the Patriots into the championship team they are! He should be given a blank check and let him fill in the amount!

  19. scotsamurai says:

    Kraft should save the cash and give Brady some stock in the Patriots. That is what he wants.

  20. Tom says:

    49ers cut Garappolo, sign free agent Brady and Garappolo subsequently signs with Patriots.

  21. tom says:

    And fire or arrest those who got paid off to bye bad receiver gloves, no problem for the winners catching hot potato footballs, a lot different.

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