CLAREMONT, N.H. (CBS) — Former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off a two day swing through New Hampshire Friday afternoon.

“You all do have a big responsibility,” Biden told the crowd.

Biden’s visit comes while some of his democratic opponents, who are senators, remain in Washington D.C. amid the impeachment trial.

“The next president is going to inherit two things especially after this impeachment trial no matter how it goes,” Biden said. “One, they’re going to inherit a country divided, and two, a world in disarray.”

The former vice president said he has the ability to reunite the country and restore the nation’s status around the world.

“We’re going to need a president who is ready on day one to command the world stage,” Biden said.

Following his speech, Biden spoke with supporters and posed for pictures, but didn’t take questions from reporters.

Joe Biden at an event in Claremont, New Hampshire Friday. (WBZ-TV)

Many of the people who showed up to the event are still undecided on who they’re going to vote for in next month’s primary.

“Any of these candidates, I think, are strong candidates,” said Debbie Chrisman of Sunapee.

“It’s the chance to have a conversation. Like a lot of people here, we’re not really interested in the selfies,” said John Ray of New London.

“I’m hoping to support Joe Biden because I think he’s the best candidate to be our president,” said Doug Windows of Sunapee.

President Trump’s supporters also showed up outside Biden’s event.

“It’s going to be Trump all the way. It’s just a democratic area so you’re going to get a lot of democrats out to see their man,” said Cynthia Howard.

This is the former vice president’s tenth visit to the state since joining the race. He’s scheduled for events through Saturday before heading back to Iowa ahead of the caucuses.

Mike LaCrosse

  1. Gene says:

    Only a blind person will go for Biden seeing his son and brother actions, as you can find in the news.

    The country is divide because both the GOP and Democrats self interest action divides it. And Pelosi impeachment actions did not help.

    Why do think Trump wins? At least Trump was not very political. That is why Democrats attack him left and right. GOP would have attack him to had he not belong to their party.

    It is sad that all of the Democrats frontrunner candidates are senators or former senators. They had been in the Senate for how many years, why did they not do what they propose to do while they were in the Senate? At least they propose something even if it gets turn down.

    No career politician for presidency.

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