BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady has drawn praise for his work on the field for decades. But now, a Brookline resident is expressing what the Patriots quarterback contributes when hardly anyone is watching.

Tova Katz wrote a blog post called “Our Kids Played Youth Sports Together…Here’s What I Learned About Tom Brady.”

“I was one of many who admired your play on the field in the role as Pats captain but one of very few who had the opportunity to marvel at your conduct off the field in another sacred role: that of dad to Jack, Benny, and Vivi,” Katz wrote.

Katz said her son was youth sports teammates with Benny Brady for several seasons. She recalled seeing Brady watching outdoor hockey practices at Larz Anderson rink, even once just hours before the Patriots loaded buses to travel for Super Bowl LI.

“You are so many things, Tom: star athlete, husband, dad, son and brother, record holder, six-time Super Bowl champion, four-time Super Bowl MVP, beloved son of New England. But possibly what’s most impressive is that you are simply a mensch: a decent, kind human being, a leader and role model for our children,” Katz wrote.

Katz said that despite his celebrity status, Brady was always friendly with children who would approach him at practices or other events.

“After all the championships, come-from-behind wins, records, and rings, it might seem surprising that anyone would think your most precious legacy is your simple civility. But in this day and age, celebrity is cheap and civility is sparse,” she wrote.

Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen placed their Brookline home on the market recently. Katz said even when the couple moves from Brookline, or if Brady signs with another team, she will always remember the time she shared with Brady in the community.

“Decades from now, when my grandkids ask me about what it was like to live through the era of the great Tom Brady, I’m not going to tell them about passing records and rings,” Katz said. “I’m going to tell them about the dad in a big down coat and wool hat who stood next to me on a freezing night at Larz Anderson rink watching his kid discover the joy of sport — a joy that you, Tom, instill in so many of us grateful fans. On behalf of the parents of New England, from the bottom of so many hearts: Thank you.”

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  1. edgerules says:

    Ms. Katz’ blog pretty much sums up why I love Tom Brady. Great job.

  2. Mary joyce allard says:

    Thank you for your kind words.It so nice of you to write this..It’s a welcomed view.

  3. Frank GIampietro says:

    And that’s why he’s the GOAT. My son is a Berklee College of Music senior. He has incredible drive and passion and HUGE dreams ! He follows Tom Brady and is motivated and inspired by Tom’s drive, work ethic and down to earth demeanor. Tom inspires even non-athletes that big goals and dreams can be achieved, but they take a relentless drive and dedication to be better. I believe we can all learn from that.

  4. Barbara A Horneck says:

    I was first introduced to Tom Brady when he appeared on an Oprah show long before he was “Tom Brady”. Might have been his first or second year as a quarterback. The show was about kids bullied at school and Tom’s parents were teachers (if I recollect) and were on the show and they also had a young man on who had been bullied at school, yet he said Tom (even though he was a jock) always treated him kindly. Tom was then brought out as well and introduced. That is when and why I admire Tom Brady! Also greatly admire his parents for doing such a fine job in raising a son and three daughters. I wish him all the best and will follow him wherever he ends up playing. Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Linda Stritch says:

    Tom Brady is an inspiration for so many children entering sports, as well as the rest of us who marvel at his athletic ability. Thank you for this “real” story of a “real” Dad.

  6. kimster3367 says:

    Love love love this post! I’m not surprised in the least, The man is an incredible human being and we as a society could learn a lot from him!!!! Hope he doesn’t leave New England but will be a forever fan and supporter if he does!

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