TAUNTON (CBS) – A group effort is a major reason two teenage boys are safe after they fell through thin ice into the Taunton River Thursday afternoon. Three good Samaritans and four police officers used a rope to help pull the two 14-year-old boys to shore.

Taunton resident Kevin Boss was driving in the area of County Street and Ingell Street when he spotted the two boys in the river at about 2 p.m.

“I was actually driving by when I was flagged down by my coworker, one of my coworkers, and saw the two kids they were already in the water bobbing up and down and that’s when I proceeded to run down and help out,” Boss said.

One of the boys was trying to swim to shore while the other was struggling to stay afloat.

Boss pulled over and grabbed a rope from his vehicle. Two Taunton School Department employees, Nick DaCosta and Lynne Farina, also stopped to help. A short time later, Taunton Police Officers Daniel Williams, Matt Travers, Brendan Canary and Captain Daniel McCabe arrived.

“The second kid was exhausted,” DaCosta said. “He could barely get the rope around him. He was really struggling. He didn’t think he could do it any longer. The water is freezing.”

The seven adults used the rope to safely pull the boys ashore. They were in the frigid water for about five minutes.

“Honestly I didn’t even really think,” DaCosta said. “I saw kids in need and wanted to help.”

The boys were taken to the hospital but are expected to be OK.

“Thankfully these boys weren’t seriously hurt and the people who stopped to help should be considered heroes,” Taunton Fire Chief Timothy Bradshaw said.


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