BOSTON (CBS) – The offseason of Tom Brady speculation rolls on, and the latest nugget came directly from Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft was walking in New York City on Tuesday when a TMZ cameraman shouted to ask him “Are we going to keep Tom in New England, Bob?”

Kraft’s answer was short, but good news for Patriots fans.

“We plan to,” Kraft answered before hopping into a waiting SUV.

Brady becomes a free agent at the end of the league year unless he reaches a new deal with the Patriots. The superstar quarterback is reportedly open to meeting with other teams once he is officially on the market.

Comments (3)
  1. Piggly Wiggly says:

    Kraft just can’t let it go, can he ?

  2. Mike Buff says:

    Getting fans ready for the fallout of Tom Brady leaving…. “We intended to keep Tom but…..”

  3. mark says:

    Tom Brady is a great player, but the NFL of today is fast and mobile; due respects to Brady, but those are qualities he does not have and it hurts the team..

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