CONCORD, N.H (AP) — New Hampshire could see poor air quality through Saturday as a result of lower temperatures, calm conditions and pollution, state environmental officials said Wednesday.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services is advising that children, older adults and people with health problems in the southwest parts of the state take precautions to protect themselves from air pollution that is expected to reach unhealthy levels. Healthy individuals should also consider limiting strenuous activities.

Symptoms of particle pollution exposure may include chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.

Much of this particle pollution is coming from heating devices, especially wood-burning stoves and boilers. Pollution is the worst in communities located in valleys or other low-lying areas. The state is encouraging residents in these areas to consider postponing wood burning and to seek out alternative heating sources.

The air quality is expected to improve on Saturday when winds are forecast to increase.

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