BOSTON (CBS) — Kemba Walker has done a lot during his NBA career, but in his first 28 tries, he had never beat a LeBron James-led team. That streak came to an end Monday night in Boston.

Walker didn’t always play for the best of teams and was often the only firepower on the squad during his eight seasons in Charlotte. Whenever the Hornets played against James, they were the kind of matchups that an all world talent feasts on, and Walker was always on the wrong end of the equation.

But that 0-28 record against LeBron is no more. All Walker had to do was change his jersey, earning his first victory over a LeBron-led team in Boston’s 139-107 beatdown of the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night.

Walker poured in 20 points off 8-for-13 shooting to go with 7 assists and 4 rebounds in the victory, which snapped a three-game skid for Boston. In true Walker fashion, he wasn’t too interested in talking about his first win over LeBron, and instead focused on the best Celtics win of the season.

“This is what we should be on a nightly basis,” he said of the energy the Celtics played with on Monday.

Still, after all those years of losing to teams led by LeBron James, finally getting a victory had to feel pretty good. Walker joked that he should be given a clean slate now that he’s wearing a Celtics uniform. That’s not really how it works, so he’ll just roll with the 1-28 record he now carries against LeBron.

“He’s beaten a lot of people. I bet you not a lot of guys have a winning record against LeBron James,” said Walker. “I’m happy I got one at least before he goes.”

The Celtics play the Lakers one more time this regular season, a Feb. 23 matchup in Los Angeles.


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