MARLBORO, N.H. (CBS) — Police in Marlboro, New Hampshire made an example of a drug bust they made Sunday morning. In a Facebook post, the department said: “It ruins our Sunday morning with paperwork when we would much rather be enjoying a cup of joe and waving to folks on their way to church.”

The post advised drivers to clean the snow off their cars and to drive with a valid license. “If the thought of following the first two tips isn’t really your style, don’t drive around town with your Sunday morning party kit on the rear seat.”

Police confiscated “jazz cabbage, tasty-looking ‘Rasta Bars’ or prescription pills (without the prescription).”

They also attached a link to Lionel Richie’s Easy in the post.

  1. silentum excubitor says:

    Town next door….these druggies were probably headed for the local college which is coming back from winter break….somebody’s bumming! Good job, MarlboroughPD!….

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