BOSTON (CBS) – Believe it or not, the New Hampshire presidential primary is only about three weeks away.

WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller was joined by Boston Globe presidential campaign reporter James Pindell to discuss where things stand in the Granite State.

Pindell said he believes a recent dustup between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders “means a lot” in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Keller @ Large: Part 2


Warren claimed Monday that Sanders told her during a private meeting in 2018 that a woman could not win the presidency. Sanders has repeatedly denied making the comment.

Following the Tuesday night Democratic debate, audio from an exchange between the two showed Warren accused Sanders of calling her “a liar on national TV.” Sanders said “You called me a liar” and then asked to move the conversation into private.

Pindell said the conflict could increase support for Warren in New Hampshire, a state where there is “a history of electing women.”

“Warren hasn’t really played that card. But there’s a lot of people inside that Democratic party base that really want to see the first female president,” said Pindell. “Coming out of Iowa, we come to New Hampshire and there’s no other state in the nation that has elected more women to office than New Hampshire.”

There’s also another candidate who could benefit from the Sanders-Warren dustup – Joe Biden.

“There’s a rule in politics ‘If A and B are fighting, then C tends to win.’ In this particular case I don’t think it’s been that vicious about attacking each other, it’s been about this one particular issue. But that certainly is the dynamic that progressives are very scared about right now.”


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