CONCORD, N.H. (CBS) — Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg took the stage and addressed his supporters Friday morning at a packed town hall in Concord, New Hampshire. The first in the nation primary is now just over three weeks away.

“The beauty of 2020 is this is the year that it is up to us,” Buttigieg said.

The former South Bend, Indiana, mayor picked up the endorsement of New Hampshire Congresswoman Ann Kuster.

During the event, he talked about his support for healthcare reform, making the economy benefit all and the need to address climate change.

Buttigieg was briefly interrupted by protesters claiming he takes money from the fossil fuel industry.

“As the youngest candidate running for president I will be personally impacted by Americans’ success or failure in dealing with the climate issue,” he said.

Pete Buttigieg at a town hall event in Concord, New Hampshire, Friday.

The latest poll has Buttigieg ranking second in New Hampshire with 18%. He said they plan to stick with an underdog mentality.

“We know we’ve got a winning message. It’s brought us this far,” he said. “We gotta make sure we’re reaching everybody with that message before that voting begins.”

WBZ-TV spoke with many voters at Buttigieg Town Hall who are still undecided with three weeks to go.

“He’s on my top two, so I wanted to hear him speak,” said Roberta Kieronski.

Nick Desautels is a Trump supporter, but he said he still wanted to hear what Buttigieg had to say.

“There’s a lot more than you would think between a Buttigieg supporter and a Trump supporter that we can meet eye-to-eye on,” Desautels said.

“We’re tired of bickering. We’re tired of the caustic and ineffective fighting that’s going on in Washington,” said Rev. Shayna Appel of Milford, New Hampshire, who made friends with Desautels at the event. “It’s not serving anyone. It’s not serving Nick. It’s not serving me.”

Friday was Buttigieg’s 16th trip to New Hampshire since he jumped into the race, and he said he’ll be here a lot more in the coming weeks.

Mike LaCrosse

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  1. Lee says:

    Pete, how can the American people trust you with the country when you don’t even care about the American people that got killed because of the Soleimani actions. What about the attack on US drones and US embassy. I DO NOT need a president like you who is a coward and cannot depend American life. I am sure if it is your family you will act differently.

    But no, the guy who got killed is just some common dude who by the way happened to have a middle eastern surname. He is someone you can just ignore. Why didn’t I hear you speak about Iran attack to American interest? In fact the first that comes out of your mouth is to attach Trump for taking out Soleimani. How about sympathy for all of Soleimani victims. Hypocrisy to the extreme !!

    Why didn’t I hear any of the presidential candidate comments about the Esptein case? No, because that might involve some very powerful and important.

    In short, these candidates does not really care about the American people. Until you can care about each people instead of making elections promise for the shake of winning the elections, it is hard to see you guys as a deserving president of this country.

  2. Lee says:

    But was is more disturbing is the news about Hunter Biden and Biden younger brother. If Joe cannot control his son and brother, how can he be trusted in running a country.

    I would rather see other “cleaner” candidates winning the primary than Joe Biden. The bad news coming out about his son Hunter and his brother in Florida is just a big turn off. Maybe he should have spend more time with his kids instead of DC on his younger days since the kids mother had died early. Maybe then that Hunter guy would turn out a better person that what he is today.

    In one of the news outlet, it said that he does not believe that his son relationship with his sister in law is appropriate. But then the news said that since his son wants him to release a statement that he approve of the relationship, the he release that statement.

    I do not care whether that relationship is right or wrong. But I want a president who can stand on what he believes. But Biden actions on his son affair is a failure to stand up on what he believe. He does not have to oppose it, but he should not release a statement contradictory to what his believe. It reflects a lot on a person personality.

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