By Paul Burton

MANSFIELD (CBS) — January’s mild winter has plow drivers taking a hit. With no snow to remove, no money is coming in. But that isn’t the only problem. Some towns that hire plow drivers are having a hard time finding someone to do the job.

Instead of a plow and shovel, landscaper Edilberto Trindade has be using a rake and leaf blower. He said the lack of snow has been challenging for business.

“We do depend on the snowstorms to keep on going, but it hasn’t been the way we expect so it’s been a frustration,” he said.

In the town of Mansfield, the lack of snow is not the concern, but the lack of plow drivers is a big issue. Older drivers are retiring and many of the younger drivers are not willing to go through all the insurance requirements.

“We’d like to have 35 to 40 contractors this winter but I am down to 22,” said Lee Azinheira, Director the Public Works department in Mansfield.

In Weston, DPW is fully staffed, and drivers are prepping for the weekend storm.

“We really haven’t had a lot to plow, but they’ve been drawn out enough for multiple de-icing operations to try and keep stuff off the roadways,” said Ken Caulder, a supervisor in the department.

Even this weekend’s storm is not expected to be a major event, so landscapers will not be able to make up for lost revenue on this one. But cities and towns say they are ready for anything and they know the winter is far from over.

Trinidade’s truck is fully fueled and ready for whatever this storm brings.

Paul Burton


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