WAREHAM (CBS) – On Friday, the tip jars at Kool Kone in Wareham won’t go towards the servers, but instead to their boss’s family as his daughter recovers from terrible injuries she suffered in a crash involving the Holy Cross rowing team. One team member was killed in the crash.

“They just said she was in a horrific car accident and they knew nothing else,” said Melanie Zacamy.

Tom Strom’s employees watched as he got the phone call from Holy Cross, his daughter, Hannah Strom, was in a car crash with the crew team on the way to winter practice in Florida.

“She has a broken femur, broken pelvis; she’s on a breathing tube, a medically induced coma, just to keep her body stable,” Zacamy said.

Hannah Strom (Image credit Holy Cross)

The sophomore is one of seven people still in the hospital. Three patients are in critical condition.

Early investigation shows that the team van, driven by the head coach, took a left turn at a green light and was struck by an oncoming pickup truck. The impact, killed sophomore Grace Rett.

Days before school is back in session, students on and off campus are mourning Grace’s death.

In Waterbury, Connecticut, a prayer service was held for Maggie O’Leary, a freshman injured in the crash and the daughter of the town’s mayor.

“We’re truly a family and if something happens to one of us, it happens to all of us,” said Mac DeMac, Mayor Neil O’Leary’s Chief of Staff.

In Wareham, employees at Kool Kone are holding down the fort, holding a fundraiser Friday as their boss is in Florida with his family, supporting the Strom family the way they support everyone else.

“I couldn’t really ask for a nicer boss,” Zacamy said. “He always goes above and beyond. He’ll do anything for anybody. Will give you the shirt off his back.”

  1. Angel Flight NE – a nonprofit that coordinates free air transportation for patients and families who need to travel for medical care – would like to assist Hannah’s family and any other family members of the Holy Cross Rowing Team who need to travel to Florida. Please feel free to reach out to us.

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