By Lisa Gresci

MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – “It’s so exciting to be able to be on this campus and be part of the whole process,” Erin Egan, a sophomore studying politics at Saint Anselm College, said.

The Democratic Debate is all the buzz on campus.

“I’d say the majority of people come here for the politics,” said sophomore Kendra Currier.

Over at Saint Anselm’s Institute of Politics Building hang the faces of major candidates, who have made the school’s Politics and Eggs series a must on the campaign trail.

Some of them shared Iowa’s debate stage.

“I think any moment you can see a candidate; it’s worth watching,” Sean Bentley, a politics major, said.

The exchange students couldn’t stop talking about when gender and electability were brought up between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

The moderator detailed a conversation between the two in 2018 when Sanders allegedly told Warren a female candidate could not win the presidency.

“I really hope he didn’t say that, but if he did say that, it’s upsetting. I feel like women are completely electable,” Egan said.

“Sanders literally denied the accusation!” Bentley added.

Many of the students on campus were well aware New Hampshire is about to hold its 100th first-in-the-nation primary, yet they say the Democratic Debate has them feeling a little more energized and asking more questions.

“I’d like more details, less agreement, and I’d like to see someone stand out from the field,” Matt Provouse, a junior, said.

“I think it’s important to know where the candidates stand on issues,” another student said.

No matter where these students may stand from now until the primary, the discussion on this campus is officially up for debate.

“I think it’s great to feel the electricity on campus and the excitement, with everybody hearing everyone’s opinions and getting into little debates that let you know everyone’s side of view. I think it’s awesome,´ freshman Lois Dogbe, said.

Lisa Gresci


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