BOSTON (CBS) — An exhibition about King Tut is coming to Boston this summer. Mayor Marty Walsh made the announcement Tuesday in front of a 25-foot, 2-ton replica of an Egyptian guardian statue at City Hall.

The KING TUT: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh exhibition will open on June 13 at The Saunders Castle at Park Plaza.

According to the Museum of Science, it is the “largest collection of Tutankhamun’s treasures ever to travel out of Egypt” with over 150 original artifacts, three times the amount that has ever toured before. Sixty of the pieces have never left Egypt.

An exhibit with artifacts like this has not been to Boston since 1963. Boston will be the only city in the Northeast to host.

A replica of an Egyptian statue was placed outside Boston City Hall to celebrate the King Tut exhibition coming to the city in June (WBZ-TV)

“It’s pretty exciting,” said Walsh. “It’s the last time that this exhibit will be outside of Egypt forever. I think having Boston on that world tour, one of the stops is really an opportunity for our city to really understand and learn about world history.”

Students from two Boston schools and one Weymouth school attended Walsh’s announcement and received free tickets.

Tickets will be on sale in March.

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  1. Valerie Thomas says:

    I would love to see this exhibit “King Tut Exhibition Coming To Boston “, especially here in Massachusetts since I live in East Weymouth, MA . Prior to attending Pine Manor College in 1978, I completed history research project on King Tutankhamun. In 1979 did my family visit Niagara Falls in Toronto. After going to see Niagara Falls, I convinced my parents that we should go to see the King Tutankhamun Exhibit at the Toronto Museum. It was just AWESOME!!!!! There were only 50 artifacts on display. I was so mesmerized about actually being there to see King Tutankhamun. To this day I remember it all so vividly as if I was there yesterday! My father bought me souvenirs from the exhibit hall museum store including Tutankhamun tote bag, and solid gold 2-inch Bastet Statue. I will treasure these and unbelievable memories of this exceptional experience at the Tutankhamun Exhibit !!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was just so spectacular! This exhibit taught me to appreciate the Egyptian culture and customs even more.

    When I started to investigate and research my family’s ancestry, I never imagined that my family history roots would actually trace back to Egypt. My great grandfather’s family “TANNOUS”, his 2 younger brothers, and his 2 sisters ACTUALLY LIVED in Egypt !!!! I was enthralled and researched further. In 1980 my parents told me that I have a great grandmother still alive and living in Quincy. I got in my car and booked it to Quincy… see my great grandmother !!!!! I don’t regret a single thing. I am so very proud to have known my great grandmother. She taught me how to cook the traditional Lebanese foods that she was taught from her mother back in Jezzine, Lebanon. For seven years she taught me to cook. She would always greet me with her arms stretched out to hug me and say “Anna be hebic” over and over. For seven years with my Sitoo cooking along side her, we cooked so many recipes (up until the day she passed away, the day before my birthday October 19th. Now I truly appreciate my family roots !!!

    For the past 4-5 months, from July to November 2019, when I concentrated on research on my great great grandmother’s family “BOZEID”, was I surprised what I discovered. Variations of BOZEID included Bouzeid, Bouzaid, Abouzeid, Abousaid, then Abousaid, al-Busaid, and eventually, to al-Busaidi Dynasty, House of Al-Sa’id and the Sultans (royalty) of Oman And Zanzibar. Back in 2017, I gave to my father a present from 23andme gift for Christmas. The results of his test were so accurate. As I reminisce about the results of his DNA test: 68 % Middle Eastern/North African and 30.8 (with margin of 2%), I am still convinced the test gave accurate and credible results. And actually corroborated all of my research for the past 32 years!!!! Unbelievable results!!!!! I still can’t fathom that “royalty” exists within the Tannous and also Bozeid Famillies. My great great grandparents of the Tannous Family and also my great great grandparents of the Bozeid Family would be so very proud !

  2. Barbara says:


  3. Karlyne Furnari says:

    Will school field trips be allowed?

  4. Nancy McCarthy says:

    Where can tickets be purchased?

  5. pauline says:

    who do i contact to buy tickets?

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