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Who couldn’t use a little extra cash? And if you’re like one in 10 people in Massachusetts, you’ve got some waiting for you at FindMassMoney.com.

That’s the unclaimed property division of the state treasurer’s office, and right now, it’s holding about $3 billion in unclaimed money and valuables.

Unclaimed property can include:

– Savings and Checking accounts
– Unpaid wages or commissions
– Uncashed insurance proceeds
– Stocks, underlying shares, or uncashed dividends
– Customer deposits or overpayments
– Certificates of deposit
– Credit balances and refunds
– Money orders
– Life insurance policies
– Uncashed benefit checks
– Accounts payable checks

The money and property is already yours – you just need to claim it.

Is this going to cost me money?

No, this is a public service provided for FREE by the Office of the State Treasurer. There is no time limit to file a claim, and all funds earn interest until claimed.

Why does the state have my money in the first place?

Property becomes unclaimed when the asset holder is unable to contact the asset owner for three years, or fifteen years for traveler’s checks. The law requires business entities and others to review and turn over all unclaimed assets in their possession to the State on an annual basis.

So…What’s the catch?

Believe it or not, there isn’t one! Returning unclaimed property is a FREE service that every state provides. Helping you recover lost assets is their only goal. For them, money in your pocket is a job well done.

Our goal is to return these assets as quickly as possible. For a comprehensive listing of the 10,000,000 plus properties that remain unclaimed, please call or visit the Division’s website. The faster you file, the faster we get your money back in your hands.

The state publishes a new list of unclaimed property every six months, but you don’t have to wait months to find out if you have money waiting for you.

Claims can be searched and filed online at www.findmassmoney.com or at the live call center at 888-344-MASS (6277). To stay up-to-date with the latest lists, follow the unclaimed property division on Facebook or Twitter.

Sponsored & Provided by FindMassMoney.com