BOSTON (CBS) – Looking to plan a great vacation this year? CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg sat down with CBSN Boston’s Liam Martin and recommended two islands to visit in 2020.

His first pick? The island of Saint Helena.

“You don’t know where it is – nobody knows where it is,” Greenberg said. “It’s 1,200 miles west of Angola and about 1,800 miles east of Brazil. It’s smack-dab in the middle of absolutely nowhere in the South Atlantic.”

One of the last British overseas territories, about 4,000 people live on Saint Helena. It’s known for being the place where the British exiled Napoleon after Waterloo.

Saint Helena is a 46 square mile island in the South Atlantic which has been under British control since 1834. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

It’s not an easy place to get to – the island’s new airport only has one flight a week. But Greenberg said it’s worth it.

“This is an amazing place, you’ve gotta go,” he said. “It’s just untouched territory and great people.”

Greenberg’s next recommendation is an unexpected one – Puerto Rico. The U.S. territory is still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Maria and just this week saw a powerful earthquake that has left hundreds of thousands without power.

“The best time to travel to most places is after they’ve had a civil disturbance or a natural disaster because they depend on you, you’ll have a better experience, you can even participate in the recovery if you want,” he said. “You won’t be standing in line, you’ll actually experience the culture as it was meant to be with the people who actually live there.”

Greenberg is in Boston this weekend for the Boston Travel & Adventure Show.


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