By Bill Shields

WEYMOUTH – At the Murphy Elementary School in Weymouth, they have an assembly once a month with different themes. Wednesday’s theme was patience.

Maybe 7-year-old Duncan Bellows and his little sister, Kinsley, know more about patience than most kids. Their father, who is in the Army, has been stationed in the Middle East for a year. But he came home Wednesday, surprising his kids.

Army Sergeant Steve Bellows surprised his children, Duncan and Kinsey, at school Wednesday. (WBZ-TV)

The principal called the kids on stage, under the guise of giving them an award … for patience.

And when they turned around, their father emerged from the curtain, the kids leapt into his arms, and the tears flowed. And little arms hugged like never before.

“I love being home,” said Sergeant Steve Bellows. “It’s great to be home with my kids and my family. I waited a long time for that; it’s really nice to be home with them.”

Bill Shields

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