BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said that while New Hampshire’s middle class is performing well compared to other states in the country, she still believes residents would benefit from her plan for a “bold structural economic change.”

Warren sat down with WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller, who asked the Democratic presidential candidate if she believes significant change is needed in New Hampshire even though the state is fifth in average income for a middle class family. New Hampshire also has an unemployment rate of 2.6 percent, one point below the national rate.

“I don’t know. It kind of depends on who you talk to out there,” said Warren.

Keller @ Large: Elizabeth Warren On Green New Deal


Warren said New Hampshire has the highest levels of student loan debt, and said she speaks to residents who don’t believe the numbers tell the whole story.

“Families, instead of being able to save money are in debt. They’re trying to take care of their parents who are seniors, trying to save for their kids and save for their own retirements. The middle class squeeze is real,” she said.

Jon Keller

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  1. Frank DeLorey says:

    She is a bag of snakes hissing lies. She promises to crush our current economy and to make the rich pay but historically the rich just move and the middle class pays. We are the ones who don’t have tax shelters, don’t benefit from any government programs yet need to pay for it all for the poor. There will be no free college for my kids, no assistance paying….don’t fall for her lies.

  2. Sese says:

    Warren, just to let you know. The middle class get more squeeze by the Obamacare you passed. The working middle class end up subsidizing Obamacare by halving the maximum amount they can contribute to Flexible spending account. They also have to end up paying taxes on any life insurance given by the company for free, and mandatory in some cases, that exceeds 50,000.

    So Warren, you are part of the reason why the middle class is squeeze. And if you really forgive those students, that is very irresponsible of you. Who will pay for it ? More taxes on middle class ? Why not give them a job so they can pay for the loan. Better to trained a person to fish that give him a fish to eat, if you get what I mean.

    If for some reason, the person become disabled and unable to joined the work force, then forgiving his loan is fine. But just randomly forgiving everybody’s student loan sounds like what some people in other thread about this calls “vote buying”. A very irresponsible act encouraging people to become more irresponsible.

    Rather a study should be done why people is stuck with high loan they couldn’t pay and help other avoid that route in the future. Some people get a loan for a college degree that is not that much helpful in finding a good paying job.

    If Warren got elected, I am afraid of the future of the country. I want a leader that will help people to stand up and be independent instead of encouraging them to be a moocher.

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