BOSTON (CBS) — It certainly sounds like Josh McDaniels will be coaching elsewhere in 2020. The New England offensive coordinator has at least three teams that want to chat with him about their head coaching vacancy, and according to a report, McDaniels is already rounding up a potential staff to join him wherever he goes.

The Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers and New York Giants have all received permission from the Patriots to speak with McDaniels about their head coaching gigs. Though it remains unclear which team (or teams) McDaniels is willing to chat with, he’ll be doing his interviews on Friday, Jan. 10, according to NFL reporter Ian Rapoport,

The writing is on the wall for McDaniels to make a move this winter, and MMQB’s Albert Breer is reporting that McDaniels is already rounding up members of his future coaching staff.

“If he’s offered the job in Carolina, if he’s offered the job in Cleveland and the structure is right, he’ll go,” Breer said Wednesday on NBC Sports Boston’s Early Edition. “I don’t think staying here is a consideration if things are right in either of those two places. I can tell you that he’s already lining up staff…You’re not doing these sorts of things unless you’re planning to leave. ”

McDaniels said earlier this week that he was unaware of any head coaching rumors and “100 percent fully invested” on New England’s gameplan against the Tennessee Titans, their opponent in this weekend’s Wild Card round.

The 43-year-old is always connected to the Browns given his Cleveland roots, but rumors swirled throughout the season that McDaniels was ready to take another shot at being a head coach. He failed in his first stint in Denver, fired after a 3-9 start in his second season in 2010, and was back as Patriots offensive coordinator by 2012. He was set to become head coach of the Indianapolis Colts two years ago, but left them at the altar when Robert Kraft offered to make him the highest-paid offensive coordinator in football.

Now, McDaniels is ready to try running his own team again, and is reportedly already lining up some buddies to join him.


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