FALL RIVER (CBS) – Crews in Fall River spent New Year’s Day trying to repair a major water main break near Rock and Locust Streets.

The water started flowing down the streets around 4:30 a.m. Once the water was off, the problems continued, with several sinkholes opening up all around the area.

Fall River Mayor-elect Paul Coogan blamed the problem on an aging system.

A broken water main damaged Locust Street in Fall River (Image credit: Fall River Schools)

“These pipes are from the early 1900’s, so they’re out relining streets and they have a regular schedule of doing them all the time but they probably didn’t get to this one yet,” Coogan said. “When people want to know where their water bill is going to they should just drive by here today.”

Coogan said the not-too cold temperatures were a saving grace.

Crews work to repair water main on Locust Street in Fall River (WBZ-TV)

Water has been restored to the area.

Fall River schools will have a normal start Thursday, but there will be no parking on Locust Street.


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