By Lisa Gresci

DANVERS (CBS) – Surveillance video captured a violent robbery at Giblees in Danvers. Employees did all they could to keep the thieves from getting away with the expensive winter coats.

“I’m horrified,” Alison Gibeley said. “I’m actually afraid for all of us that work here.”

Surveillance video captured the tense moments between Giblees employees and a group of five people trying to run off with Canada Goose jackets.

“One of our other workers got hurt actually because he was trying to grab the coats the guy scratched him,” Alison Gibeley said.

Alan Gibeley, the owner of the menswear and tuxedo shop, said it happened in what felt like seconds.

“It’s like my home, so when somebody comes in and they invade your home like they did, it’s only reactive to try and stop them and that’s what we ended up doing,” he explained.

Employees said it seems the group of people knew exactly what they were going for and that they came right to the rack, grabbed as many coats as they could and booked it for the door.

“They grabbed them from the top of the hangers and dragged them across the floor,” Gibeley said.

Employees were able to rip most of the Canada Goose jackets free. The suspects barely made it into the getaway car.

“I yelled out ‘someone’s going to get hurt! Please stop!’ It was awful,” Alison Gibeley said.

The owner is frustrated because the store has been hit at least five times in the last two years. He is relieved to learn from police all of the suspects are in custody.

Now that it’s all over, he just hopes this is the last time.

“After you begin to think ‘jeez what if they had a knife what if they had a gun’ it’s a scary thought and they’ll do anything to get away,” he said.

Lisa Gresci

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  1. thompson says:

    More spooks, more theft. As soon as the spooks walked in they should have called the cops.

  2. alcarn says:

    No description of the perps. I wonder why?

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