BOSTON (CBS) — Since joining the Celtics, Gordon Hayward has been through a lot. The journey obviously began with a broken leg and dislocated ankle in his Celtics debut, an injury that’s led to a long road back to his All-Star form, and an injury that’s still bothering him to this day.

Hayward returned to the court earlier this month, after missing the previous month with a broken hand. But Hayward felt some discomfort and pain in his left foot, so after playing in three games, he’s been forced to miss the last three games. Hayward spoke about the injury on Tuesday, and said much of he diagnosis has been a mystery, but he believes it all stems from that infamous night in Cleveland two years ago.

“I think it has everything to do with the prior injury,” Hayward said. “It’s definitely … when you have a traumatic event like that to your foot and your ankle, things are going to change inside of there that you don’t know necessarily, because they might not bug you. But I think they start to poke their head a little bit if it gets tweaked in some way or another. And so, I think it does have to do with it. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s on my left foot.”

Hayward said he has taken three cortisone shots, with the first two not helping and the most recent shot making a positive difference. Hayward said it’s been extremely frustrating, and that it’s required calls being made all around the country to try to find a solution.

Hayward is considered to be probable for the Celtics when they travel to Toronto for a 12 p.m. meeting with the defending champs on Christmas Day.


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