BOSTON (CBS) – Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, now running in the Republican race against President Trump, said he believes in his chances to top Trump in the New Hampshire primary.

Weld joined WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller, and said he believes Trump being impeached will hurt his standing with voters.

“Do I think the President is going to be re-elected in 2020 under any circumstances? No I do not,” Weld said. “And why not? Because there are more good people in the United States, more thoughtful people than there are bad people. I consider the President to be more on the bad person side of the ledger because of his generally mean-spirited approach to life.”

Keller @ Large: Bill Weld Part 2


Weld said his campaign will register with voters in the Granite State.

“The New Hampshire primary, I think is winnable by me. That’s never happened that a sitting president running for re-election has lost the New Hampshire primary,” he said.


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