BLUE HILL, Maine (CBS) – There’s one less lonely duck in Maine, just in time for the holidays. A Blue Hill man put out an ad seeking a friend for his recently widowed duck, and it appears to have worked.

The Bangor Daily News shared the story of “Yellow Duck,” whose partner was snatched by a bobcat. She stopped socializing with her chicken friends and seemed to be quacking more frequently in distress, so owner Chris Morris took action.

“Lonesome runner duck seeks companion. Partner recently deceased,” read the “Duck Seeking Duck” sign that went up on a community bulletin board. “Serious replies only.”

On Sunday, Yellow Duck was introduced to a mallard given to Morris by another farm owner who heard about the ad from a friend. She and “Mr. Graham” are getting along well, cuddling at night and quacking with the chickens.

“They seem to have bonded,” Morris told the newspaper. “He won’t leave her alone. At first she was a little wary of him, but now they follow each other around everywhere.”


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