By Jim Smith

HAVERHILL (CBS) – It’s a week before Christmas, and Micaela Trent of Haverhill is heartbroken. The centerpiece of her huge annual holiday display has been basically destroyed.

Several holes have been cut into a ten foot high inflatable castle. The rest of the yard still looks festive, but Micaela is angry and saddened. “I believe it was in the middle of the night because I’m up pretty late, almost until midnight and it was fine until I woke up, and we really looked at it and we were like oh my God, it’s not standing up because there’s a big hole in it.”

Micaela’s boyfriend Joshua Harper has also worked hard on the decorations. “Who would do this to such a beautiful display?” he wondered. “A real life Grinch. Somebody who has no holiday spirit, is just angry at whatever, and takes it out on other people’s property…why would you?”

Someone slashed an inflatable castle at a Haverhill house (WBZ-TV)

The display is a family tradition and also has sentimental value. It’s a financial loss too, because the large blowup castle cost Micaela $200. Another inflatable display was also slashed, but so far it is still working.

Micaela says they are planning on contacting police to help find the culprit. “I feel like they just don’t want anybody else to enjoy it and they have nothing else better to do and its just really sad that they have to do all of this,” she said.

Jim Smith


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