By David Wade

LEOMINSTER (CBS) – Many people have a Christmas tree set up at their home this time of year. WBZ met a Leominster woman who has 16 trees. All decorated. All with individual themes. But it’s the reason she does it that’s the real Christmas story.

Visiting Phyllis Maston’s Leominster home is a Christmas present all its own. “It’s a beautiful time of year. So I think beauty is expressed in the trees. That’s one way of expressing the beauty of Christmas,” she said.

She has 16 trees, one in every room of the house including the bath. That one is decorated with toilet paper, of course.

Phyllis Maston (WBZ-TV)

And the others; “I have a love tree that has hearts on it. And a Santa Claus tree. I have little delicate tea cups in the kitchen. And I have a candy cane tree that’s mostly for the kids. They come over and they grab a candy cane when I’m not looking, which is fine with me,” Phyllis said.

There’s also a butterfly tree and a cardinal tree in memory of Phyllis’ sister in law. “I have a wonderful story to tell about that because as I placed that cardinal tree, a cardinal flew by and landed right on my neighbor’s bush. And it just gave me goosebumps,” Phyllis said.

Cardinal Christmas tree in Phyllis Maston’s home (WBZ-TV)

The spiritual aspect of Christmas has the most meaning for Phyllis, but so does sharing the season with family and friends. The decorations create the perfect place to do just that. “Time is more important than anything you can give to anyone,” Phyllis said. “That’s my feeling. I enjoy it. I’m grateful I have wonderful friends, wonderful family.”

On Christmas day Phyllis will host 28 family members.

David Wade


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