CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – For the third year in a row, the price of Christmas trees has gone up. Mark Saidnawey of Pemberton Farms in Cambridge says it is due to a tight supply.

“In 2008 there was a recession in Canada, so there weren’t as many tree farms back then,” Saidnawey said. “Trees take about ten years to grow, so now we are beginning to see the effects of a limited supply of trees.”

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The National Christmas Tree Association said until three years ago there was an abundance of trees and cost didn’t keep up with inflation, but now they estimate the price will be 5% over last year for the average tree, which is a little more than $3.

National numbers suggest in just two years, the price tags on Christmas trees have gone up almost 10%.

A family picks out a Christmas tree at Pemberton Farms in Cambridge (WBZ-TV)

For many families, there is no price tag on Christmas magic.

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“The smell, absolutely. Opening the door every day and being greeted by that nice piney smell,” said Kristin Robins, who was shopping for tree. “There’s nothing that really replaces it.”

Customer Debbie Harris remembered that one time there was no pine scent in her home.

“Aluminum foil with the color wheel, my mom bought one of those. I swore after that when I had my own family, I would never get a fake tree,” said Harris.

And her son agrees.

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“You smell the pine during Christmas time it always brings back home warm-type of memories,” said Derrick Harris.