BOSTON (CBS) — Some Patriots fans voiced their displeasure with a struggling offense before halftime on Sunday. It became a whole thing.

Kyle Van Noy? He didn’t like it. Not one bit.

The Patriots linebacker sat down with NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran for his weekly interview on “Quick Slants,” and the first comment from the interviewer revolved around the playoff-like atmosphere in Foxboro for that Pats-Chiefs game.

Van Noy wasn’t into it.

“Ah, too much booing for me,” Van Noy replied.

Van Noy was then asked if the booing irritated him.

“I thought it was disrespectful,” Van Noy said. “But it is what it is.”

Van Noy then suggested that a team that’s 10-2 shouldn’t get booed in the middle of a game.

“Positivity? A little cheering?” Van Noy suggested, noting that hearing boos is not deflating during a game. “We control what we can control, right? I mean … yeah.”

Curran then noted that the booing bothered Van Noy, who then denied it.

“No. Why would booing bother me?” Van Noy asked.

“Because it was the first thing you mentioned,” Curran replied.

“Well, you had asked if it had a playoff atmosphere,” Van Noy said. “So … OK?”

So, Van Noy wasn’t bothered, but he didn’t like it. And he expects a better environment in the playoffs.

The Patriots have two home games remaining — in Week 16 on a Saturday against Buffalo, and in Week 17 against Miami — to try to secure a first-round playoff bye. Van Noy — and likely some other Patriots — would prefer to hear some cheers in their home stadium.


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